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Dish Washing Bar Soap

Dish Washing Bar Soap


This new product is already a plastic-free, zero-waste, and eco-friendly household favorite!

Our Dishwashing Bar Soap is concentrated and effective. Just a small amount will cut through food residue and grease, leaving dishes sparkling clean.  


Handmade in small batches with only plant-based oils and lemon-eucalyptus essential oil for a fresh scent. Soaps net wt. ave. 4.5-8 oz.


Dish Washing Bar Soap purchase options: 


  • Dish Washing Bar Soap, hand poured in a Celyon blue ceramic Ramekin - $ 16.00 each
  • Dish Washing Refill Bars - $9.00 each
  • Hold Fast Company branded wood handled palm Scrub Brush - $6.00 each
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