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Spoon Butter

Spoon Butter


We love this product! Our handcrafted spoon butter (also known as wood butter or wood conditioner) is a great item to have around the kitchen.  It’s not something you eat, but rather used to condition and protect your wooden cutting boards, butcher block, spoons, bowls, handles, etc., for continued use.


Applying spoon butter to your wooden kitchen tools will restore luster, prolong their lifespan, and prevent cracking and splitting.


Our spoon butter is made with a carefully formulated combination of food-grade, natural and/or organic ingredients including coconut oil, flax seed oil, lemon essential oil and beeswax, and packed in a reusable glass clamp top jar. We do not use mineral or other petroleum based oils or nut based oils.


Hand poured in a reusable 4 ounce jar.

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